About Me


I am currently doing a bachelor’s degree in Networking and Telecommunications in France in apprenticeship as an network engineer / SRE at a French cloud provider. I am currently living in Rennes, France.

Actively involved in the Open Source and the associative sector, I write Golang and Python software, do network administration (@AS213253) and GNU/Linux system administration @GnousEU (and previously @MilkyWan).


AS213253 is a IPv6 only ASN that provides Internet connectivity to me and some other people. This allows me to improve my skills in OSPF6, BGP-4 and network administration in general. I announce 1 /48 IPv6 block. I don’t have upstreams behind tunnels. The network main P.O.P.s are in Dronten, NL and Paris, FR. Anycasted DNS servers and a NAT64 runs on it.