• GnousEU : Founder of the free software enthusiasts community who provides free services online.
  • Traceroute Hand: ASCII hand over traceroute in IPv6 : traceroute -6 Inspired by
  • AS213253: Operating AS213253 on the DFZ since May 2020.
  • SacrebleuDNS: An authoritative DNS server made in Go with REDIS + SQL database (lacks DNSSEC, TSIG and IXFR support)
  • libknot-go: Golang Interface for the Knot Authoritative DNS server daemon.
  • frite: A simple text file based url shortener made in Go
  • In Progress: Websocket based looking glass in Golang
  • MilkyWan : I was a volunteer for the French non-profit ISP as a system administrator & developer.